Many new things have been changed or implemented last months. We were working a lot and now, even for our own eyes, we went far away than we thought at the begining, almost a year ago. But we want more, so remember: we need programmers. Are you ready to join Harvey?

Harvey has now an almost stable kernel:

What means you can start to do programs and experiments in it.

We are able to use drawterm with Harvey:

Don’t forget to try mclock, courtesy of John DeGood.

Factotum is working:

Well, if you don’t know what it means, you should to read some lines about it first.

System console are now splitted in three types:

And all of them out of kernel in user space, thanks to Giacomo Tesio. Just check the code to see how they work and the purpose of everyone.

Now we are able to play with Go programming language:

There are some limitations, This is a work in progress. Never quite graceful to Ron Minnich for this and many other things.

Harvey has now Fossil and Venti:

So you can set up a disk (real and virtual) for your system installation. Check our wiki to see how to do it. Courtesy of Rafael Fernández, who fought hard with Fossil.

And don’t forget you can come to meet us in Fosdem 2016, you will recognize us for our Harvey T-Shirts. Do you want one of them? check here.