• AMD 64 bit
  • Modern, simplified syscall system
  • GCC toolchain means you can use GDB(!)
  • Clang and Intel C Compiler compatible
  • Compile in Linux, Windows, FreeBSD or OSX using Harvey’s headers and libs, no need to change anything else
  • A large set of userland apps available
  • Plans to add a new GUI, a new fileserver, native toolchains and more
  • Go programming language port available.

About the Name

So, why “Harvey”? Mostly because we liked it, but there are at least 3 other good reasons based on the origins of Plan 9 operating system:

  1. Harvey is a movie, Plan 9 is a movie too.
  2. Harvey is a rabbit, Glenda is a bunny.
  3. Most importantly: in the movie, those who believed in Harvey were thought to be insane, but eventually found not to be.


  • Álvaro Jurado
  • Aki Nyrhinen
  • Dan Cross
  • David du Colombier
  • Graham McDonald
  • John Floren
  • Keith Poole
  • Rafael Fernández
  • Ron Minnich
  • Sevki Hasirci