Harvey has a small group of enthusiasts that spend their free time on it, looking, experimenting, testing… but in order to set main lines and goals, there is a bunch of people we usually call “core team” making decisions, improving the system, testing and resolving problems across all the source and drawing the main line of different pending works.

This is not your daily homework or your professional kanban: main goal here is learning and having fun coding. World domination will have to wait.

That means you could help us or start your own full project. Or just playing a bit with it sending us your feedback. So we invite you all to do it through our different communication channels.

For code, we use Github pull-request method, with what you can submit patches, new programs or improvements that we will review and possibly accept. Every hand is always welcome by default.

Below there are some links useful to participate in our small community and become a Harvey enthusiast that could be interesting for you. For writing in mailing list, you need to request an invitation. For a quickest way, you can request your own invitation to Slack channels.

Come and meet Harvey! it’s a lovely rabbit (in case you could see it).

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